Save Our Bullies: Moving Forward with Transparency and Action

Save Our Bullies: Moving Forward with Transparency and Action

Hi All,

Firstly thank you for sticking with us at save our bullies through some seriously turbulent times!
We recognize that communication and transparency has not always been there but we are trying our best within a very fast moving arena.
These updates are for transparency and clarity and include some important actions we are currently

1. We have instructed a highly qualified and respected KC. We are due to meet with him next week and have already undertaken the expert report that he said was required. This meeting is essential to ensure we know how much this will all cost, exactly what will need to be done and we will keep you updated at all stages.

2. At some point, following the 18th October 2023, a statutory instrument will be laid which will be the mechanism to add the banning of the “xl bully”. Until this has been done we do not know the intricacies of the details we are fighting. The KC is highly experienced in judicial reviews and is keen to have everything in place, as are we, ready for the moment we can judicially review the statutory instrument.

3. We also want to raise our profile not just for this particular ban, but for the impact it will have for all ‘type’ dogs that may get caught up in this in the coming months, the implications in relation to housing it may have for people, and for their mental health.

4. Raising our profile will mean a joint effort from all the team/s and affiliated organisations with us at Save Our Bullies. This will not happen overnight and we appreciate the anxiety everyone is going through.

5. We have as of today taken on experts in campaigning and business acumen- they are working for free to help us raise our profile to the wider public and to assist with fundraising over the coming weeks.

6. From now on we will update you once a week from the Save Our Bullies social media accounts and The Bully Scene website.

As always thank you!

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